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01    Naviro

Naviro is a AI-powered digital marketing tool.
It automatically analyses your business, content, competitors, and industry while considering your specific goals to generate a content strategy that’s suited to you.

The client asked me to design a visual identity
that stood out against other competitors, whilst
still feeling trust worthy and accessible.
Branding, Typography & UX/UI

My solution was to create a bold and powerful campaign that would capture the attention of
any audience by using block colours and strong copywriting. The brand colours chosen for Naviro
are a palette of blue, red, and pink to help create
a user experience that conveys trust, energy, and friendliness.

Experience the freedom of Naviro: it recommends,
you refine, and together, we redefine digital marketing success.

02   Brigid

A small zine showcasing the collection of St. Brigid's crosses gathered by the Irish Folklore Commission on display at the National Museum
of Ireland.

St. Brigid,  was an Irish nun who lived in the 5th century. She is considered one of Ireland's patron saints and is celebrated on February 1st, which marks the beginning of spring in the Celtic calendar. Brigid was known for her compassion, and wisdom. She founded a monastery in Kildare, where women could receive an education and learn useful skills. Brigid's legacy has inspired many women and she remains an important symbol of female empowerment and leadership
in Irish culture today.
Editorial, Typography & Research

The Brigid's cross holds a significant place among various Irish nationalist symbols, as it was utilised
by Irish artists to establish a unique national cultural identity, detached from Britain.

Brigid holds a prominent position in Irish culture
as the country's sole female saint. She is honoured with the first Irish public holiday that commemorates a woman, accentuating her importance to Irish history and culture beyond her association with nationalist iconography.

03    Design West Poster 2023

During my employment at Design Factory,
I was given the chance to create the poster
for this year's Design West event. Design West
is a summer design school situated on the West
Coast of Ireland that draws participants from all
over the globe.  
Poster Design, Visual Identity & Typography

This year's attendees will have the chance to
work alongside prominent Irish and international designers hailing from distinguished studios
like Pentagram, Studio Mut, and Unthink. 

04     Scéalaí Festival

Stories are the essence of a culture.
They represent the collective memory of people and encapsulate values at the heart of cultural identity and social life. Storytelling is deeply rooted in Irish culture, providing a powerful way
to connect with the past and preserve traditions.
It promotes community, identity, and understanding, encouraging empathy and imagination. Without preserving the tradition
of storytelling, a whole culture is in danger of being discarded, unrecorded and lost forever.

Scéalaí is a travelling pop-up festival touring Ireland in an attempt to record and preserve the art of storytelling. Each story told at the festival
is recorded and uploaded to a digital archive where they are preserved and archived forever.

Branding, Visual Identity & App Design
The festival aims to enable people to actively
engage with their communities by reminiscing
and contributing to its past, present and future.

By creating an engaging interactive experience both at the festival and through the audio archive, Scéalaí aims to promote the value of conservation work whilst also providing a social history
or family, friends, and the wider community.
It celebrates what we Irish do best, and will continue to do best for years to come. 
Watch app walk through here.

This project was shortlisted for the 

Global Design Graduate Show 2022.
Best ‘Brand Identity’ for IDI Graduate
Design Awards 2022.
Best ‘Design for Digital’ for IDI Graduate 
Design Awards 2022.