02   Brigid

A small zine showcasing the collection of St. Brigid's crosses gathered by the Irish Folklore Commission on display at the National Museum
of Ireland.

St. Brigid,  was an Irish nun who lived in the 5th century. She is considered one of Ireland's patron saints and is celebrated on February 1st, which marks the beginning of spring in the Celtic calendar. Brigid was known for her compassion, and wisdom. She founded a monastery in Kildare, where women could receive an education and learn useful skills. Brigid's legacy has inspired many women and she remains an important symbol of female empowerment and leadership
in Irish culture today.
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The Brigid's cross holds a significant place among various Irish nationalist symbols, as it was utilised
by Irish artists to establish a unique national cultural identity, detached from Britain.

Brigid holds a prominent position in Irish culture
as the country's sole female saint. She is honoured with the first Irish public holiday that commemorates a woman, accentuating her importance to Irish history and culture beyond her association with nationalist iconography.

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