04     Scéalaí Festival

Stories are the essence of a culture.
They represent the collective memory of people and encapsulate values at the heart of cultural identity and social life. Storytelling is deeply rooted in Irish culture, providing a powerful way
to connect with the past and preserve traditions.
It promotes community, identity, and understanding, encouraging empathy and imagination. Without preserving the tradition
of storytelling, a whole culture is in danger of being discarded, unrecorded and lost forever.

Scéalaí is a travelling pop-up festival touring Ireland in an attempt to record and preserve the art of storytelling. Each story told at the festival
is recorded and uploaded to a digital archive where they are preserved and archived forever.

Branding, Visual Identity & App Design
The festival aims to enable people to actively
engage with their communities by reminiscing
and contributing to its past, present and future.

By creating an engaging interactive experience both at the festival and through the audio archive, Scéalaí aims to promote the value of conservation work whilst also providing a social history
or family, friends, and the wider community.
It celebrates what we Irish do best, and will continue to do best for years to come. 
Watch app walk through here.

This project was shortlisted for the 

Global Design Graduate Show 2022.
Best ‘Brand Identity’ for IDI Graduate
Design Awards 2022.
Best ‘Design for Digital’ for IDI Graduate 
Design Awards 2022.

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