05    The Sound of Blue 

The book delves into the fascinating realm
of synesthesia and explores my own personal experience of having synesthesia. The human brain processes the various shades of blue in
a manner that generates a multitude of meanings, both subjective and collective, which are then projected onto the external world.

Through this alchemy, the inner perception of blue creates a complex interplay between the individual's internal world and the shared reality we inhabit. This book sheds light on the intriguing phenomenon of synesthesia and offers insights into the intricate workings of the human brain. 
Editorial Design & Typography 

This book's objective was to delve into the world
of synesthesia by utilising the colour blue to denote the outer and inner world of a synesthete.
It accomplishes this by examining the historical
and cultural significance of the colour blue and its relationship to synesthesia. For synesthetes,
the colour blue may have a particular significance as it can be associated with specific sensory experiences, such as calmness or coolness,
or trigger a range of emotions and sensations.

The visual language employed in the book intends
to maintain a factual tone without overwhelming
the reader with scientific babble. Instead, it draws inspiration from medical and scientific files, with typographic system breaks and visual pauses
that are intended to represent the psyche of a synesthete. Overall, this book aims to provide
a comprehensive understanding of synesthesia
by exploring the significance of the colour blue and its impact on the way synesthetes perceive the world.

This project was shortlisted for best ‘Printed Book’
by IDI Graduate Design Awards 2022.

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