06    The Sunday Forage

The Sunday Forage initiative aims to foster
a reconnection between Dublin's communities
and nature by encouraging locals to forage every Sunday with friends and family. This program
is accessible to everyone and provides an app
to help guide the foraging process while also facilitating community bonding.

The app enables participants to identify local flora and fauna, learn about their nutritional value and how to prepare them, and explore the surrounding environment. The Sunday Forage's ultimate
goal is to create a sustainable and harmonious relationship between people and nature while
also promoting community building and healthy living practices.
Branding, Visual Identity & App Design

Each year, localities present their recipe
for evaluation in the 1000-year cookbook.
The objective is to establish a sustainable
tradition that safeguards the preservation
of green areas, where the recipe components
are sourced, to ensure the cookbook's
usefulness in 3021.

From our research we found that by fostering
an emotional connection and promoting
an understanding of the natural environment, individuals can gain a deeper appreciation
for the world around them. Our aim was to raise public consciousness through various means, such as launching a campaign with attention grabbing copywriting, developing a foraging app that offers recipe submission guidance, and educating people about eco-friendly behaviour. 

Group project with Lea Julienne and Cillian Carroll.

This project was shortlisted for the 2021 RSA Student Design Awards.

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